Mare Forum Monday 1st May

Fifth Cayman Islands Shipping Summit

Following the four very successful conferences held in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in Grand Cayman, Mare Forum and OreCoal, in cooperation with the Maritime Authority of Cayman Islands (MACI), are organizing the 5th Cayman Islands Shipping Summit in the framework of the Cayman Islands Maritime week, focusing on/at  the “renaissance” of the shipping and commodity markets, the geopolitical risks, the upcoming industrial and technology post-crisis “revolution” affecting shipping.

This conference will explore the imperatives for the Caribbean blue waters, the maritime infrastructure and yachting business in the region, the future of the global shipping hubs,  investments and business opportunities locally, in the Caribbean region and the world.

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WiMAC/ NAMEPA / WISTA Tuesday 2nd May

Implementing MARPOL in the Caribbean

WISTA Cayman, WiMAC and NAMEPA will present a conference on MARPOL IN THE CARIBBEAN- Moving into the 21st Century

Marine environment protection has become a matter of national and societal concern around the globe. The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) held an historic meeting last October which accelerated the development and enforcement of regulations designed to both protect precious resources as well as facilitate the maritime industry’s ability to retain its social license to operate. While shipping is essential to global society, the public demands that we operate to the highest environmental standards including compliance with MARPOL (Marine Pollution regulations).

MARPOL regulations cover operational issues affecting discharges into our oceans, air emissions, and the need for waste reception facilities. Nations around the world have ratified and implemented these regulations. In the Caribbean, however, while there is 86% ratification of these important conventions, there is only 24% implementation. A variety of reasons exist for this lag, but every day that passes makes the region more vulnerable to an incident in an area that is not properly protected.

Join WISTA Cayman, WiMAC and NAMEPA on May 2nd at the Cayman Marriott for a conference to bring not only the issues forward, but to examine potential solutions and help identify a pathway forward.

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